Parents' committee

Ienieminie also has a parents' committee, they act as a point of contact for the parents.

They represent the interests of you as a parent and your child.

After registering your child, you will receive a set of regulations for the parents' committee and the internal regulations of the parents' committee.

They meet 4 times a year and the notes are emailed to all parents by the parents' committee.


Location Groenendael

Groenendael 233 H

8271 EM IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3033937

Location Paalkamp

Paalkamp 2

8271 LG IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3033031

Location Maarlenhof

Schepenenstraat 104

8271 VK IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3334875

Locatie Hoofdkantoor

Burgemeester van Engelenweg 72

8271 AT Ijsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3032133

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 o'clock till 18:00 o'clock

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