Job offers

At day-care Ienieminie we are constantly growing and developing.
We are therefore regularly looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to strengthen our team.

Would you like to work at Ienieminie?
Then take a look at our current range of job offers!


*Op dit moment zijn er geen vacatures*

Location Groenendael

Groenendael 233 H

8271 EM IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3033937

Location Paalkamp

Paalkamp 2

8271 LG IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3033031

Location Maarlenhof

Schepenenstraat 104

8271 VK IJsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3334875

Locatie Hoofdkantoor

Burgemeester van Engelenweg 72

8271 AT Ijsselmuiden

Tel: 038-3032133

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 o'clock till 18:00 o'clock

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